I will provide you with outstanding travel photography

provide you with outstanding travel photography

About This Gig

Hello everyone, 

My name is Shirley and I'm an avid traveler as well as photographer. I have an excellent reputation for creating unique and scenic pictures for just the right situations and places. I'm offering my pictures, mainly travel pictures, but also pictures of beautiful flowers, natural landscapes and, of course, FOOD!, for sale for your professional purposes. 

Planning on creating a travel website? Putting together a food blog? Or simply looking for some visual inspiration? If that's you and you're looking for some original pictures to go with it, then I'm your gal! 

Here are some of the places I can offer high quality pictures of:

- New York 
- London, various other parts of England (Highclere Castle etc.), and Wales  
- Paris
- California, the South etc.
- Various German towns and cities
- Southeast Asia 

Please keep in mind that I constantly add places, due to my continuing travels, so feel free to inquire more specifically and for any places you're interested in. (ONLY  LEGIT INQUIRIES ARE ACCEPTED).

Please inquire about custom offers and how many pictures are included in one $5 gig.    

Thank you so much and hopefully we'll get to collaborate very soon!