I will sell Amazing website for multiple fees

sell Amazing website for multiple fees

About This Gig

Oclassy.com can be yours today!

The owner, a very good friend of mine is selling off so he could attend to other businesses and has asked me to make an offer. This website is 1 year plus old and is a dynamic mighty responsive blog with about 70 articles post and monetized with Amazon and clickbank affiliate sales. It makes around $300 monthly with Amazon and about $1000 monthly with clickbank.

It is highly (SEO) search engine optimized and also has a Facebook page with about 7000 plus fan likes. Once you take the bid and it becomes yours, all you need do is change the Amazon/Clickbank ID links to your own and the commission accrues to you. The site's major sales comes from Facebook Ads and some others from organic traffic.

It also has around 11,000 email optins from subscribers which it sells to and communicates also. ALL transaction will be done here at fiverr. Asking fee is $10,000 but negotiable. Name your price and if you win, I will send you a custom offer quote to this effect. It has already started, and bids are on-coming.

 Make yours now and contact me here.
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