I will write an AUTHORITY Bestseller Book on your niche

write an AUTHORITY Bestseller Book on your niche

About This Gig

Having a book written with accuracy and content flow of useful bits and tips for your business or website niche conveys to people that you are an AUTHORITY in that area and that you are well-versed and educated on the subject matter.

With my many years as an Author with proofs of bestsellers at Amazon.com, I will help you do all the work and bring your book to reality with my golden touch and style.

I write on all NICHES/genre.

And you can reap bountifully from these books as you can place them up at Amazon, Smashwords, or Lulu for sale.

You can also give it out for free on your website/blogs in exchange for your subscribers contact details -  easiest way to get your fans trust.

It's a win-win for you and if you want to know how the top dealers online win; it is simply through an approach like this.

PACKAGE yourself and business as an AUTHORITY now!

1 page/Introduction = $5 - Delivery 1 day
20 pages = $90 - Delivery 7 days
40 pages = $170 - Delivery 12 days
80 pages = $320 - Delivery 18 days
120 pages = $470 - Delivery 21 days
300 pages = $1050 - Delivery 30 days
More pages - Let's talk about it

Want a complimentary dynamic unique super e-cover for it - this attracts extra $15