I will enable you to eat 5 raw food meals as breakfast

enable you to eat 5 raw food meals as breakfast

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What’s the PROBLEM?- TOXEMIC culture

Before understanding why you need to take raw foods, it is important to understand what is the PROBLEM with our EATING/LIFESTYLE HABITS

Your Body might be experiencing Toxemic culture:

Toxemia is an abnormal state of the blood and tissue, originating from an unhealthy lifestyle that produces stress and toxins inside the body.

It’s not just about the toxins from the outside that we take in, but from the toxins that our body produces.

Whats the SOLUTION?- One meal of raw food for 5 days as a minimum committment

Raw/liquid food info

Lets understand about what is raw food and what is not?

What is?

Raw food means fruits, vegetables, dry fruits and sprouts. All these foods have live enzymes in it.

Liquid foods allowed are only natural fluids and they are plain water, Tender coconut water, Sugar cane juice, vegetable juice,green juices, combination of greens and veggies,Lemon juice and fruit juices without sugar. 

Next step: We start this activity from the eleventh day of full moon/new moon. Once you buy this service you need to wait for the eleventh day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why eleventh day?
    Because of the ancient culture and recent scientific research shares to start your healthy eating habits of fasting and raw food from that day