I will read your akashic records about your Divine Gifts

read your akashic records about your Divine Gifts
read your akashic records about your Divine Gifts
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About This Gig

All Souls are unique, individuated expression of the Divine. We come into human form to experience ourselves within our individuation.

Knowing and embracing your innate Divine gifts will make life easier and will also give you the direction you might be looking for.  This work is very grounded and specific helping you living life in the physical. 

When we don't express our Divine Gifts in a productive and constructive way, then quite often we express ourselves in drama and dysfunction.

If you want to take this amazing work deeper I also offer empowering explanations as to why you experience many of your current circumstances and by clearing your records not only will you be restored to your original Divine Blueprint, you will notice that life will become more abundant and joyful.   

I am also able to "clear" the records of negative influences in both present and past lifetimes so you can change your circumstances. This will help to create a human experience of abundance and joy.

Would you like to shift your current circumstances?
Become more conscious of who you are at Soul level?
Would you like to know how to best to express yourself?

Then this reading will be perfect for you. 

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Find out your Divine Gifts, your Soul Group of Origination, your Soul Specialisation and Life lesson

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