I will photoshop a head onto ANYTHING

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photoshop a head onto ANYTHING

About This Gig

Do you want to live your fantasy, mess with a friend,make them question their reality or just have a little fun? Then get a head onto whatever you want, from another person, an animal, cartoon or even an inanimate object. Anything goes.

I will photoshop a head onto any image of your choice within 24 hours.
All you need to do is send me photos/images with the heads and the image you would like to put them on. You can also provide a description of the image if you don't have a specific image and I'll find a suitable one to use.
Add on as many heads as you want with the gig extras. 

I may request a different image of the head/person at a different angle to suit the image better.

for more information please contact me before ordering.

Order Details

1 day delivery 3 Revisions

1-3 heads

onto 1 image or split between 2 images Includes a jpg or png, source file and 3 revisions

  • High Resolution
  • Source File
Gig Paused