I will make your Astrological Birth/Natal Chart Report

make your Astrological Birth/Natal Chart Report

About This Gig

Obtaining astrological birth charts is one of the very best things you can do to get a better understanding of your personality and astrology as a whole. astrological birth charts, at least to a horoscope junkie, are like little nuggets of gold! An incredible amount of information is packed into these charts. Whether you're looking at the planetary aspects, or the planets in the houses, you'll love diving into this snapshot of your birth. So here you have a chance of a  lifetime to know the one you are most closest to, yourself!
Know you personality traits:
  • your weaknesses and strengths,
  • your likings and dislikings,
  • your capabilities,
  • your ideal fields,
  • your lucky numbers,
  • lucky colour,
  • your sexuality (sex life and suitable partners) and much more about yourself.