I will create 150 backlinks on french FR blog domains

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create 150 backlinks on french FR blog domains
create 150 backlinks on french FR blog domains

About This Gig

BONJOUR! If you have a website targeting the french market, then buy this Gig to increase your rankings on google.fr! I will build 150 french backlinks, exclusively on .fr domains wordpress blogs to increase your serps in GOOGLE.FR

The number of french domains pointing to your site is an important ranking factor for Google FRANCE. Buy FRENCH TLD B.A.C.K.L.I.N.K.S now to give geo targeting signals to G.O.O.G.L.E

What is Country TLD of Referring Domain?: Getting backlinks from country-specific top level domain extensions (.de, .cn, .co.uk) helps you rank better in that country.

1 gig = 1 url + 1 keyword (if more keywords and urls please get extra gig)

Use your money site or a tier 2 site such as a facebook fan page, a youtube video and so on...

FRANCE TLD (Top-Level Domain) B.A.C.K.L.I.N.K.S come from auto approve blogs. 

Please NOTE that there is already a lot of comments in the b.l.o.g.s, since the wordpress sites are auto approve, so this gig is only to increase the number of country domains pointing to your site! you must purchase other types of quality links to have a good mixture and a good seo linking diversity.