I will help you make a decision that you are torn about

help you make a decision that you are torn about

About This Gig

We're all faced with decisions -- some big, some small. And sometimes we just CANNOT DECIDE between certain things!
  • Should I move to New York or Los Angeles?
  • Should I take Katie or Jen to the prom?
  • Should I take the job that I'll love or the one that pays more money?
  • Should I have chicken or fish for dinner?
  • Should I buy the red car or the black car?
  • Should I buy my boyfriend a video game or football tickets for his birthday? Etc, etc!

Luckily I'm here to relieve you from the evil burden of everyday decision-making :)  Once I know the details, I will weigh all the options and make the decision for you! Because decisions are hard, right??

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1 day delivery


Tell me what you're torn between (paint colors? boyfriends? jobs?) & I'll make the decision FOR you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I give you an open-ended question?
    No. I'm here to help you decide between specific things, so please don't ask me "What movie should I go see?" Instead, ask something like "Should I go see Precious or Toy Story 3?"