I will skype chat to discuss your project

skype chat to discuss your project

About This Gig

▼▼▼ How many times your project failed because lack of communication? ▼▼▼

To solve this problem and avoiding your project failure, I created this Gig to offer:

  • Skype chat (include voice and texting) about your project scope
  • Weekly feedback about your project development (updated status)
  • Discuss your ideas of new features or best solution for your problem or idea

Sometimes users don't have Skype and prefer/user another application, I can use that too, just leave your information to that app and I will get in touch.

NOTE: Chat in Skype does not exclude the need for use Fiverr communication system, I will always log our topics discussed. All project prices and payments will be completed using only Fiverr system. I will not accept any payment outside Fiverr.

Order Details


This is intended to be a Skype chat (voice and text) about the requirements of your project.

1 day delivery