I will fix your slow pc in minutes

fix your slow pc in minutes
fix your slow pc in minutes

About This Gig

I will fix your pc by boosting up drivers and tune up your pc in minutes. I will clean any viruses spywares or malwares from your pc. It will be faster as when you bought it 

You don't have to disconnect your machine and take it into a store because I can provide quality tech support anytime, anywhere using the Internet, and fix your computer online. 90% of all computer problems can be fixed right over the internet. Theirs no need to bring your computer into a repair shop.

Remote support with teamviewer is 100% safe. You are in full control. You can watch every step of the removal process and after the remote support is complete we won’t be able to connect to you again until you re-launch the software and provide us with the new randomly generated Client Password

Just install teamviewer from here 

message me your teamviewer ID and password and relax while I optimize your pc for your needs

Order Details

will make you pc faster by tuning

tune your pc to work it as you want. boost up drivers & fix any startup issue so it will boot faster

1 day delivery