I will install Https ssl Certificate on your domain

install Https ssl Certificate on your domain

About This Gig

For most ecommerce sites, you absolutely need an SSL certificate! Your customers are providing you with very important and personal information that allows access to their hard earned money. If an identity thief gets access to your customer’s credit card information because you didn’t take the necessary precautions, it can be devastating to you and to your customer. Your customers need to know that you value their security and privacy and are serious about protecting their information. More and more customers are becoming savvy online shoppers and won’t buy from you if you don’t have an SSL certificate installed.

  • Security: ensure that no one is intercepting web traffic
  • Trust: by displaying a green lock image, the website increases visitors’ trust
  • Search ranking boost: Google ranks sites that have SSL higher in search results

What you need ?

You just need to change name servers of you domain. Changing nameserver will not affect your site. You can ask me for help if you don't know how to change that. 

Your host must support SSL. Contact me before placing order.