I will do SEO keyword research in Japanese for your success

do SEO keyword research in Japanese for your success

About This Gig

Are you looking to expand your website to Japanese market smoothly and effortlessly? I'm here to help your business grow.

  • I will conduct SEO in-depth keyword research in Japanese for your web pages and articles.
  • I know how people tend to look for information online and whether each keyword tends to be easy to target or not, and how you can be found by your leads.

[What I offer]

  • See who your content should focus on
  • Suggest best keywords according to your strategy
  • 1 article or 1 page of website = 1 gig
  • For 1 gig, I will suggest both sets of keywords and one title.  

[Example you would receive]

Let's assume you have a web article "8 things you should know before you visit Paris". Then the KEYS FOR YOUR SUCCESS you receive would be...

  • TITLE = パリを観光する前に知っておくべき事8つ
  • KEYWORDS = パリ, 観光, 知っておくべき事

[Also consider my translation]

  1. After you have the map to travel with, what's next?
  2. I can give you a ride to your destination.
  3. You don't even have to walk.
  4. Make the most of my translation service (you can purchase it from my another popular gig) and have your contents seen by right targets.  

Contact me to discuss our plan before you place the order.