I will teach Japanese or answer your questions about JP thru text

teach Japanese or answer your questions about JP thru text

About This Gig

Do you study Japanese?? Are you into it?? As a matter of fact, Japanese is one of the most DIFFICULT languages to learn in this world. When you have a question, just pick my brain! I'm all yours!

Option 1: For 1 gig, I will answer up to 3 questions about Japanese language.

Option 2: For 1 gig, I will translate one sentence and explain how it's done. If something is not clear to you after you receive my work, you can pose me another question!

Option 3: For 1 gig, you can have me review your speaking level. I will give you a detailed feedback (up to 200 Japanese characters). Just send over your audio file or video.

Option 4: For 1 gig, you can ask for my help on understanding 3 kanji characters. I know kanji is the hardest part for many of you!

This gig is prepared to help all Japanese learners to take their language skill to the next level efficiently. Feel free to make the most of it and you can also bring me other things to be handled as long as it's related to Japanese language :)

When you simply need an English-to-Japanese translation, just head over to this gig below.