I will send you a healing mantra

send you a healing mantra
send you a healing mantra

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The problems or sickness we experience are like clouds in the sky obscuring the sun. Just as the clouds temporarily block the sun but are not of the same nature as the sun, our problems or sickness are temporary and the causes of them can be removed from the mind.

The mind is the creator of sickness and health. In fact, the mind is believed to be the creator of all of our problems. That is, the cause of disease is internal, not external.

In order to heal the mind and hence the body, we have to eliminate negative thoughts and their imprints, and replace them with positive thoughts and imprints.


I will send an audio file (for 25 minutes) with one of the best healing mantras. When you are sick or something bad happened to you, just listen it and relax. In case of serious diseases, you have to listen it every day.In case you loose the file, ask me and I will provide it to you once again.

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