I will teach you MQTT for internet of things

teach you MQTT for internet of things

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Description Introduction to MQTT MQTT Server Wizard IOT Project Integrator
  Will teach you the Who, When, Why, What and Where of MQTT over a 1 hr interactive session. Standard + we set-up the MQTT client/server infrastructure and make a real world application. Premium + integrate web applications, Arduino Ethernet and ESP8266 wi-fi modules to an IOT project.
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About This Gig

We will learn MQTT for IOT projects in three levels (A, B and C).

A. If you are new to MQTT, take the "Introduction to MQTT" package to get a very good idea of what lies ahead.
Duration : 1 hour,
For : Those who wish to know what is MQTT all about.

B. The "MQTT Server Wizard" teaches you how to how to set-up an MQTT server from scratch. We also set-up clients and test out a fully functional real world application of IOT through MQTT. This module covers the contents of A as well. All this takes from 2 to 3 hours.
Duration : 2 - 3 hours,
For : Those who wish to set-up MQTT client/servers infrastructure.

C. The "IOT Project Integrator" is the most advanced of the 3 courses. You learn to integrate a web-page along with the MQTT clients and the server and the popular modules like Arduino Ethernet and ESP8266. We design a project to switch an LED 'on' or 'off' depending on which button is pressed on a web-page. It includes the contents of the A (we cover this fast here) and B packages.
Duration : 5 - 6 hours, may be split over 2 days if required.
For : Those who want to make complete projects and preferably own an Arduino Ethernet or ESP8266 module to get the most out of this package.