I will teach you internet of thingsyourself

teach you internet of thingsyourself
teach you internet of thingsyourself

About This Gig

I will teach you IOT by covering the following aspects :
  • Basic electronics.
  • Micro-controllers.
  • Wi-fi modules.
  • Cloud architecture.

Methodology :
On ordering this gig for $5 :
  • I will discuss your interest.
  • I will propose a course-coverage.
  • Headings for the contents of the course will be captured in an Index file, along with the time required for each topic. I will revise the Index file to your satisfaction and send it to you.
  • I will send you a custom offer for delivering the course by means of videos for each topic.
  • I will also tell you the softwares you must have and I will help you install them on your PC.

This will be the end of this gig. 
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Then based on my custom offer, you can place the order. I will deliver the course as decided.

The content of my courses are very high quality and my many years of experience in electronics and the IOT industry, make these courses very easy to grasp. 

As a bonus, I also offer complementary support to your project, to the extent possible for 2 months after completion of this custom order.

For any clarification I will be glad to answer. Look forward to hear from you.

Order Details

5 days delivery unlimited Revisions

Video packed tutorial.

Decide the contents for teaching you IOT. Then take custom order to deliver the videos.