I will talk to your pet, put what they said on your photo

Gaia is a very handful doggie. I've experiences with large breeds, but she's just something else. Perfect in 95% and deadly 5% (she likes to hunt the animals,all animals). She had been taught many things, but this is in her essence. And she is not fully connected with me.So I expected a different message. "Love" is something she will have to learn
Reviewed by nnella about 1 month ago
I was very surprised to hear her say dont call my dog FAT. I had started telling my husband I thought our dog was getting FAT the last few weeks. Wow! She knew I said that. Awesome read.
Reviewed by lifelady1234 6 months ago
She was excellent and gave me info only my husband and I know about our cat. I would recommend her to anyone, and I will definitely use her service in the future. Cindy Harms
Reviewed by sigmacindy 7 months ago
Great info and very accurate, detailed and helpful. I will use you again and have referred you to my sister who loved her pet reading as well!
Reviewed by heimann11 7 months ago
Wow. Amazing reading! Would recommend this seller!
Reviewed by kylieheads 11 months ago
Thank you very much!Outstanding experience!
Reviewed by luckymagi about 1 year ago
Thank you... It seems I have a new cat friend to keep me company, while another soul cat is upstairs. ;o) Good to know.
Reviewed by lumensilta over 1 year ago
I enjoyed this gig, thank you for channeling Tazzy's message which I will get into the habit and calling by her preferred name. Highly recommand and will purchase again. I do have more questions for Tazzy (Angora) on her backstory. Thank you again for your gift.
Reviewed by spearstl over 1 year ago
Fast return, responsive to questions and astute readings for both my dogs. I'll be giving her services as gifts. Thank you!
Reviewed by carol1208 almost 2 years ago
She is Amazing, thank you very much!
Reviewed by oren_b almost 2 years ago
Beautiful on my second one as well, I will treasure these. Thank you!
Reviewed by oren_b almost 2 years ago
talk to your pet, put what they said on your photo
talk to your pet, put what they said on your photo

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Description Communication with photo message. Basic plus a healing. Basic plus a healing daily 7 days.
  I will speak to your pet, put his/her message on your photo + communication typed + photo retouch. Send your pet healing energies, EFT, and Reiki on any health issue of your pet's or general health. Send your pet healing energies every day for 7 days, along with daily prayers, EFT, and Reiki.
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About This Gig

Do you wish your pet could talk?  I will talk to your pet for you and see if there is something they wish to tell you or any major concerns they are having.  I have had training in Minneapolis, MN. but learned most animal communication on my own.  I speak to my pets and other animals on a daily basis.