I will send one song to 1500 Top Music Industry Executives

Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by lamardream 11 days ago
send one song to 1500 Top Music Industry Executives

About This Gig

            --- Want Music Executives to hear your music?---

We will send out a mailer to 1,500 TOP Music Executives! These music executives are looking for great artists, no matter the genre! This gig is good for ALL Genres.

                  --- Why promote to Music Executives?---

Is a record deal your #1 goal? Do you strive to be heard on the radio and be a mainstream artist? Do you want to be the #1 artist on billboard charts and be the newest up and coming artist? Then this is the gig for you!

                          --- What does this gig offer?---

- We will send one song directly to the Music Executives. The mailer goes DIRECTLY to their inbox, not their secretaries, or business partners. 
I have been in the music industry for over 15 years and introducing new artists to the industry is nothing new to me. You will get tons of exposure out of this! This can be used for all music genres.