I will design normalized database schema

design normalized database schema

About This Gig

I am most Economical Solution for your Problem.

My Effort:

I am a Computer Science Engineer with good experience of Databases and integration of databases to websites. I am keen to help my clients. I will try to provide my best services in limited amount of time.
You can ask me any questions if you want freely.

I have good experience in Database Schema Design,SQL Queries and Erwin.

Please see this is basic gig to solve your problems in database projects. if your problem is big and complex then send us message first to get appropriate quote.

I also deal in web related work related to database.

I will reply within few hours.


·         Quick Service

·         Efficient Solutions

·         Making Connections  

My Services Include:

  • Sql Server
  • Tsql
  • Mysql
  • SQlite
  • Normalization of schema
  • Schema Design
  • Erwin
  • Web Development
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap

What I need from You:
Clear Problem Statements

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2 days delivery
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