I will analyze your Gig to help maximize your Fiverr earnings

analyze your Gig to help maximize your Fiverr earnings
analyze your Gig to help maximize your Fiverr earnings

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Description Analyze One Gig Plus Support Max Mentorship
  I will analyze one Gig and provide you with a full multi-page report on how to improve it for sales. I will analyze two Gigs, including reports, and provide two weeks of mentorship. I will analyze three Gigs, including reports, and provide a month of mentorship.
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About This Gig

Are you new to Fiverr or not seeing the results you hoped for?

I've been there, and I know how that feels.

When I first joined Fiverr I tried everything I thought would work. I became frustrated. I felt as though I was invisible and wasting my valuable time and resources trying to earn a second income online.

Then I connected with my mentor.

The rest, as they say, is history.

I have now been featured on the Fiverr blog multiple times as a Fiverr super seller and success story.  I am also regularly invited to contribute to the Fiverr Academy where I write about topics to help new sellers like yourself.

So what helped me make the massive shift from a wannabe to earning my first $10k online in only 12 Months?

I got great advice, support, and direction from my mentor.

You’ll get that plus more when you buy my Gig today. 

  • Getting in front of the right buyers
  • Dealing with tough customers
  • Targeted advertising  
  • Workflow improvement
  • A 2 page Gig analysis 

When you buy my Gig today you get access to my 3,000-word, seven-page Must-Have Seller's Guide to the most important buyer questions. My mentor agrees, this guide is worth ten times the price of the basic Gig.

It will be your best investment this year.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is your mentorship through Skype or any other method outside of Fiverr?
    No for one very simple reason: It is against Fiverr terms of service to communicate outside of the platform. They may penalize for this, including removal of the Gig/account. I do, however, use attachments, images, and point you to examples of things we discuss in addition to messages.
  • What will the report on my Gig include?
    The report is a full analysis of your Gig from top to bottom that is two pages in length. I will review every aspect from the title to the tags. I will give actionable feedback based on proven methods to help you improve or revamp your Gig from head to toe. I will leave no stone unturned.
  • What is involved if I hire you as my mentor?
    You will get access to me to ask any questions you have - big or small. We will discuss your goals on Fiverr, and we will work to set up systems to help you start achieving those goals. We will discuss how to advertise, manage your time and workflow, record data to make decisions, and much more.
  • Will you create my Gig for me?
    If that is a service you would like, I would be happy to help. Contact me for a custom quote. I will create your title, description, FAQ, tags, requirements, and we can discuss a Gig video and image. I will suggest a category for your Gig as well.