I will transcribe a 10 minute audio file

transcribe a 10 minute audio file

About This Gig

I have experience in transcription and love doing it! Lectures, interviews, press conferences, webinars, you name it. Please make sure that audio file is downloadable.

Transcription will also be done in formatting pleasing to the eye.

  • FIllers: I leave them out (umm..., like...) but can leave them as per your request.
  • File format: I do transcriptions in .doc, docx or .pdf file format (any or all of them). 
  • Background noise, inaudible words, strong accent. When I can't understand what's being said, I clearly mark that in the file using brackets ( ). You can fill those in manually during review - I do make sure there is as little gaps as possible.
  • Timestamp (extra option). I can add timestamps - special markers that indicate time when something was said. I can do this on at specific time intervals (usually every 5 minutes, but you can choose any interval you like), or whenever speakers change, or whatever other zany idea you may have!
  • Gig fluctuation. The length of this Gig may change over time (anywhere from 10 minutes to 20). I change this based on my workload (more orders, less time I can devote to transcribing).