I will protect website from hacking and malwares for $5

/ 5 Days On Average
protect website from hacking and malwares
protect website from hacking and malwares

About This Gig

I have been working on websites and security for more than 10 years and have large pool of "resources" which literally assures  security of your website year over year from hackers and infections.

We undertake removal of infections from the hacked website and also ensure your website is covered from infections and hacks for a whole year after that!

How do I do that? Well I have partnered with key industry leaders who host a series of "honeypot" servers across the world that turn strength of the hackers to weakness by creating a lab of infected servers and coming up with antidotes and measures that make them completely ineffective.

So here you have a perfect web security plan that covers you for the whole year.

For $5 I shall review and configure WP sites for basic hardening against hacking and Infections. (Working and uninfected WP Websites)

For $50 I shall have have your shared hosting covered - (non WP sites included) for one complete year. (Pro Protection - includes sites down due to infection or malware, up-to 20 sites)

For $ 250 I shall have your VPS / Dedicated server covered from hacking and infections - Includes spam blacklists for one complete year.(unlimited sites)