I will throw a shuriken with your message on it

Fantastic videos - thanks very much. Extremely professional!
Reviewed by lowpitch 12 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by levtsimbler about 1 year ago
Good Experience!
Reviewed by emiland almost 2 years ago
Just what I wanted! Great job!
Reviewed by seanyarcher about 2 years ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by adamwoodhouse over 2 years ago
Thumbs up
Reviewed by philschanbaum almost 3 years ago
Great work Simon, thank you!
Reviewed by kelina almost 3 years ago
PERFECTION!!! Thank you so much! You are so cool
Reviewed by ebremer about 3 years ago
Perfect stuff
Reviewed by clearpreso about 3 years ago
Very cool. It'll make a great transition for my next video. Great work!
Reviewed by aiolyfe about 3 years ago
looks good, thanks
Reviewed by alexkane over 3 years ago
Super awesome job! Super fast delivery. Very great to work with and would totally recommend. I will be using him again in the future.
Reviewed by seediabiz over 3 years ago
Awesome job! Went above and beyond. Thinking about ordering again adding the flip on the next one. Everyone loved it. Thanks!
Reviewed by seediabiz over 3 years ago
Merci beaucoup ! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
Reviewed by jeanjacquesa over 3 years ago
Exceptional work! Expedited delivery! A+
Reviewed by leagueofthrones over 3 years ago
Just as described! Excellent!
Reviewed by markkawate over 3 years ago
Fantastically fast, and simply a great and unique way to send a message. Awesome!
Reviewed by fudda11 over 3 years ago
Perfect. This guy throws a shuriken like a true ninja assassin. Video delivered exactly as described and the turnaround time was shockingly fast. Thanks, Simon!
Reviewed by austinmilbarge over 3 years ago
Awesome! Super duper pony express delivery and great video! Not sure I'm comfortable with so many ninja assassins knowing my name now, but I love the video. Makes me feel like watchin "The Wolverine"... Thanks boss!
Reviewed by macjeff over 3 years ago
Wow great job! Amazing work and fast too. Will definitely recommend.
Reviewed by privatethrifty over 3 years ago
throw a shuriken with your message on it
throw a shuriken with your message on it

About This Gig

✓✓✓ Personalized ✓✓✓ Great gig ✓✓✓ Amazing Service ✓✓✓100% Rating ✓✓✓ Delivery on Time ✓✓✓ Awesome Advertising ✓✓✓

As the gig title says. I'll throw a shuriken into a tree with your message glued to the shuriken.

The video will be delivered in 720p (1080p if you get the extras).

The message can be anything you want. It's best for the message to be short and concise so it's readable when glued to the shuriken.  If you want a longer message it would be better to get the extras where I would say a message after the shuriken lands.

This is an awesome and fun way to advertise your website on YouTube or Facebook and it's totally different which makes it very cool and creative. :)