I will do a video review of your copy to make it more effective and increase sales

do a video review of your copy to make it more effective and increase sales

About This Gig

Dear Fiverr user,

I'm here to save you and your business.

Attention has become the rarest commodity on the internet. 

Your market is becoming more sophisticated, saturated and overall more competitive. 

I can say that with confidence without having the slightest clue of your industry because it's true across EVERY industry.

Is It Still Possible to Succeed Online?

This has become a real question that many people are starting to ask. 

"Have I missed the online gold rush?"

The answer is no... but it's not going to be as easy as it once was.

The trick is to create irresistible copy.

The sort of stuff that stands above the noise. Hooks your prospect in and doesn't let them go. You do this by understanding their needs at the deepest possible level.

Good News...

By the end of this copy review you'll be able to confidently post your copy knowing it's been specifically forged to deliver the biggest punch possible.

Why is this so cheap?

It pains me to price it this way. But you've gotta start somewhere on Fiverr. This gig is priced to get gigs in fast. And I'll be increasing the price after the first 5 gigs. 

Order Details

Copy Review

I will review any piece of copy and give you tips and tricks to increase conversions

  • Competitor Research
2 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there any limit to the length of copy that can be reviewed?
    Nope. As long as it's one piece. - 1 sales letter - 1 advertorial - e-mail series - 1 video script etc.
  • How long will the video review be?
    As long as it takes. Generally 5-15 minutes.
  • What makes this copy review unique?
    Most copy reviews only focus on the words in front of them. But they should be focusing on market sophistication and market awareness as the most important aspect of the copy. You need to speak to each level differently or you'll bomb out the gate. I'll fix that for you.