I will help You Track SEO Rankings for Free

help You Track SEO Rankings for Free
help You Track SEO Rankings for Free

About This Gig

Paying $$$ to track your rankings in Google ?


Basic Package :

Tack 1000 keywords just from your WordPress dashboard for free.

No monthly subscription. Just the cost of this gig.

Weekly Email Alert.


Only track the domain where Wordpress is installed.

Only Weekly Ranking Updates.

Pro Package:

Track Unlimited keywords and Unlimited domains. 

Track domains where the plugin is not installed.

Single dashboard for all your rank tracings.

Customize the frequency of how often to track and report.

Limitations :

If you are planning to track thousands of keywords for multiple domains frequently, then its recommended that you use proxies. Otherwise you hosting provider might have issues with your site. 

You can either scrape and use free proxies But i suggest you get a couple of private proxies which should cost you just $2 - $3 month and use them so that your hosting account remains safe.


For the Basic package I will be using a free plugin You can do your search and find this plugin and do this yourself. I just save you the time and effort of installing it and setting it up for you. 

For the PRO package i am using a premium plugin.

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