I will record a natural video testimonial in 24 hrs

Awesome seller, I love the video. I will order from him in the future when I need another video. Thank You.
Reviewed by miroslavglavic 4 months ago
Reviewed by strauss6 4 months ago
Quality product - delivered quickly. Thanks
Reviewed by hopmarketing 4 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by ebeautyclub 5 months ago
exactly what i ask for!
Reviewed by in2naturals 5 months ago
Perfect! Delivered on time and the audio is super clear!
Reviewed by creacendo 5 months ago
Perfect, thank you!!
Reviewed by tmattes 5 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by abile01 5 months ago
WOW he's fast!!!!! He did an incredible job!!!!!
Reviewed by randd25 5 months ago
Awesome! Thanks man!
Reviewed by docwil 5 months ago
Fantastic work and quick turnaround!
Reviewed by lordsharvester 5 months ago
He delivered as expected. Great job!!!! Will def be hiring again soon.
Reviewed by loveisred06 5 months ago
Very believable! I will use again and again for other sites thank you so much!
Reviewed by filomenadefalco 6 months ago
Reviewed by geexcreative 6 months ago
Awesome so far the best testimonial I hired, Thanks, I appreciated the energy and enthusiasm.
Reviewed by wb3artmdgt7n5v9 6 months ago
Wow, great job. The gig was delivered ahead of schedule and required no revisions, since he delivered 2 versions. Good job.
Reviewed by wgomillion 6 months ago
Dave is amazing! Will definitely hire him again!
Reviewed by merydcf 6 months ago
Fast and cheerful - Great job bud!!
Reviewed by feefyou 7 months ago
Good Experience!
Reviewed by bwilkes06 7 months ago
Great Job!!! Thanks.
Reviewed by thatone71 7 months ago
record a natural video testimonial in 24 hrs
record a natural video testimonial in 24 hrs
record a natural video testimonial in 24 hrs
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About This Gig

"Dave is such a nice dude and over delivered to the max. After a lot of let downs this guy DELIVERED!"

Looking for a quick, natural testimonial for your product, service, website or whatever but you're tired of poorly made testimonials or ones done in broken English?

For a limited time, I will create the best and most natural sounding testimonial you have ever seen! Best part, I'll do it in 24 hrs or less. Btw, I don't read scripts on camera. I have it memorized! Check my other testimonial portfolio for examples.  

Please read before ordering: 
  • 1 gig = 25 words
  • 2 gig = 50 words 
  • And so on
  • you MUST provide me with a script (I offer script writing as an extra)

If order exceeds 100 words, a $10 fee will be attached to the order. For even larger orders, contact me first

I am able to do these ones in 24 hours because of the length of the scripts. 

  • Contact me first if you have questions
  • Revisions due to changes in the script (not a result of me messing up) must be paid for. 

I look forward to working with you! Feel free to contact me before ordering :) 

Order Details

1 day delivery


Natural testimonial done in under 24 hours. 25 words or less

Number of words
This Package includes 25 words. For each additional 25 words, the price is $5.