About This Gig

✔720p HD (1080p HD available) ✔70 words (~30 sec.) per gig ✔Script writing services available. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Testimonials, reviews, commercials, and video messages only. No adult content or dating sites. Standard gig includes: 720p HD, 70 words max. For 1080p HD, please refer to the gig extras. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 70 words MAX per gig. To view your word count, copy and paste your script on MS Word and select Tools → Word Count. If your script is longer than 70 words, please order the correct amount of gigs to satisfy the word count and round up (ex. script of 168 words = 2.4 = 3 gigs). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please do not hesitate to contact or message me prior to ordering if you have further questions!