I will find leads or source candidates

find leads or source candidates

About This Gig


My name is Kshitij Singhvi. I have been finding leads and contact info since 2 years. I also have a knowledge of Boolean Search, which helps me narrow down on required contacts sometimes. In most of the projects I worked on, I was given filters to search for companies and was told to find a point of contact with a specific designation.

For this gig the process I will use is listed below.
  1. Search the point of contact on the internet/LinkedIn/Zoominfo.
  2. If not found through a credible source on the internet, find the company format for the emails.
  3. Recreate the email for the contact and then verify it by checking for bounce.

I also use tools like mailtester, email hunter, rapportive, etc. to help me find the mails, but I will always check for bounce to verify.

I hope you find all this information relevant. If you would like to know anything else or would like a custom offer please feel free to contact me.

Please leave a message before ordering.

Looking forward to work with you!

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