I will protect the website ads

protect the website ads
protect the website ads

About This Gig

I will give you a tool which help you to protect your ads. Some of the questions are as follows

Q- How will you protect my ads?
A- You can see the above image. If the Invalid Report is higher than Valid report. There may be higher chances of account ban.

Q- How may i know my website is getting what kind of traffic?
A- I will give you a tool which works automatic. No technical knowledge required.

Q- I have order the traffic from advertising company, is it effect my ads?
A- Just check the report which you will get in tool. If the traffic quality is good , you won't get ban.

Q- Am i not using the any ads. Is it necessary to order this tool?
A- Yes, because due to low quality traffic website will be removed from search engine.

Q- In how many websites can i use this tool?
A- Unlimited Websites.

Q- How many visitors can i track via this tool?
A- You can track unlimited but in 5$, you can track 10000 visitors only. For more , please send me the pm. You need to order in fiverr every month.