I will make you a beat

make you a beat
make you a beat

About This Gig

Hello, I own a legal licensed copy of FL studio 12 If you really want to make it in the HIP HOP game and become more of a rapper and less of a hobbyist, you should spend time, effort and yes a little money on this journey. First step is buying a legal product simply because this is an investment in your future. Don't forget that you do not own the copyright on your own music projects if you or the producer do not own a legal copy of the software the music is made on! Don’t risk the royalties on your next super hit. 
With this gig you will own 100% of the rights to the beat i make you. you will personally own this unique beat. I do include my producer tag, but will remove it for 10$. I love to make music, my friends and i have created our own brand of psychedelic hip hop, you can find links in my portfolio. the beat i make for 5$ for you here on fiverr is about 2 mins in length or more, professionally mixed and mastered, complete instrumental, completely original, AND YOU OWN EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS. Beat formula will be built like a pyramid into>chorus>verse>chorus>outro (4bars>8bars>16bars>8bars>4bars)  sometimes the intro/outro is longer. 

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2 days delivery