I will collab on a song

collab on a song
collab on a song

About This Gig

I will collab on a song with you. Sometimes you contact a person and they want to charge you an exorbitant fee to collab with them. I'm giving back to a lot of producers and offering a collab of a lifetime and only charging $5 to collab. I could charge more but what for. MUSIC IS MUSIC, RIGHT? I will add in a few extras as an incentive and let me know what works best for you. Sometimes it only takes one song to make it into the music industry. Wouldn't you want to get that one song on the radio with a certain producer that does not charge you a lot of money to do so. I definitely do not guarantee this to happen but what if it did, and you spent $5 plus some extras to do so. How would you feel knowing that you invested $5 - $20 dollars and it happened for you? Just to collab is $5.

1-3 Instruments = $5

4-6 Instruments = $10

7 or more Instruments = $15

With any collab all rights are even between the producers of the song. Publishing is 50/50 and Intellectual Property rights are 50/50 meaning everything from prices of the song negotiated to the produced by block will have all producers listed. Royalties, publishing, and song sells are split down the middle.

Don't purchase until we talk. 

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