I will install, setup, configure and tune your linux server

install, setup, configure and tune your linux server

About This Gig

i'll install, setup, configure, fix & tune your linux VPS or Dedicated server for 5 bucks. first of all i'll explain why you need my service. think, when you need to reinstall your dedi box it'll cost $20 to $30 range  if you hire system administrator inside your Datacenter. but you can save more than $20 using my gig. just need to order this and send me your IPMI details. i'll install it as soon as possible.

i have more than 2 year experience in web hosting and server management so no need to worry about your 5 bucks. i'll do your work in my best. please send me a small message before order gig. so we can discuss how the thing going to work. here is short summary about my capabilities.

  • Reinstall Operating System.
  • install control panels. ( cPanel/ WHM etc. )
  • configure http, dns, proxy, database servers and many more as you request.
  • monitor your system
  • analyze what your Server needs
  • fix issues with Servers and Services
  • secure them from external attacks
  • do Performance Tuning
  • manage VPS or Dedicated servers  on monthly basis

so just need to let me inform what do you need to know or what do you need to do. i'll reply you asap. hurry up i only need 24 hours. thank you very much for reading. :)