I will do Bulk SMS Advertising in the Philippines

BE VERY VERY CAREFUL of this service! Notice the 5 star reviews come from the same few people? Possibly a friend or "paid review service"? I paid a $6.00 TRIAL and the seller claims he sent 299 SMS text messages to my free dating website: www.Filipino4U.com According to Google Analytics, ZERO people (out of 299) clicked the live link! IMPOSSIBLE
Reviewed by rushyyz 26 days ago
Excellent, thank you
Reviewed by usellitibuyit 3 months ago
excellent to work with
Reviewed by itsfournick 6 months ago
do Bulk SMS Advertising in the Philippines
do Bulk SMS Advertising in the Philippines

About This Gig

Bulk messaging in the Philippines only in promoting your business and products. Less hassle on your part.

Text messaging is still the number 1 medium in promoting your business since 97% owns a cellular phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does this proposal works.?
    A crafted message that you will be spreading should contain your number or website link to increase the chance of the person who received the message will engage in replying or viewing your website.
  • How will i know if the messages are sent?
    We will provide you screenshots or excel file for you to review.
  • How many text messages per $5 order
    250 text messages will be sent. To increase the number of text sent, please order more. Thank you.