I will convert Gerber and NCDrill Files To or From Pdf and Dxf

convert Gerber and NCDrill Files To or From Pdf and Dxf

About This Gig

Send me your GERBER files and NCDrill files, I can convert them to PDF or DXF for your Electronics DIY Project, or any other project you can name.

Any PCB CAD output, whether it is EAGLEALTIUMCADSTARORCAD.... I can convert it to PDF for you.

On the other side, if you have PDF files or even DXF files, I can convert them also to Gerber files and NCDrill files. Name your needs, I will do the conversion.

For $5 you will get:
  • PDF File for each layer
  • 4 electronic layers + 2 overlay layers

Please provide me:
  • Gerber files: Top Overlay/Silkscreen, Bottom Overlay/Silk Screen, Top Layer, Bottom Layer, Inner Layer, Power Plane, Ground Plane
  • Gerber Identification when it is generated in PCB CAD, such as Unit (metric/Imperial), Coordinate (Absolute/Incremental), Leading/Trailing zeros, Preceding and Succeeding number.

In case you are NOT sure about the requirements, please feel free to contact me.

1. Please notice my availability and my time zone: Monday-Friday 8AM-6PM, GMT+7.
2. Please send me a message prior to order, so that we can settle our delivery time.

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