I will write your VHDL code

write your VHDL code

About This Gig

I am offering solution for your FPGA/VHDL codes. I have plenty experiences in VHDL coding, particularly implemented in XilinxAltera and other programmable ICs.
I also have completed many FPGA Hardware projects, therefore I understand FPGA IC very well: initialization steps, I/O driving specifications, voltage requirements, interfacing modules, clocks, etc.

For $5 you will get one VHDL Codes of the following:
- Moore State Machines codes: Maximum 3 states and 4 I/O.
- Sequential Codes: Maximum 5 I/O, simple functions.
- Combinatorial Codes: Maximum 5 I/O, simple functions.
- One Simple Peripheral Driver: SIPO, PISO.

For your convenience, I will include Timing Simulation output.

Please send me:
- Your design requirements

For any custom request, please don't be hesitate to send a message :)

1. Please notice my availability and my time zone: Monday-Friday 8AM-6PM, GMT+7.
2. Please send me a message prior to order, so that we can settle our delivery time.

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