I will write an Amazon book description that sells

write an Amazon book description that sells
write an Amazon book description that sells
write an Amazon book description that sells
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Description The Intrepid The Conqueror The Annihilator
  Get 125 words of high converting power copy for your Amazon book description Get competitor research, 325 words of power selling copy plus 7 hard driving bullets This is the level of Amazon description I create for publishers, but at great price for you.
Competitor Research
Seller will research competitors to improve and differentiate the copy
Bulletpoint Included (Per Product)
Seller will include the number of bullet points indicated for each product listing
7 10
Focus Keywords
Seller will write copy using the amount of focus keywords indicated
1 1 1
Words Included (Per product)
Number of words included in each product listing description
125 325 575
Delivery time 4 days 4 days 5 days

About This Gig

How To Get a Money Making Book Description That Sells

Don’t take chances with your new enterprise. There are over one million competitors on Amazon competing with YOUR book. Your description is the only thing between your customer and a sale.

Titles and covers attract readers, but only the book description gets people to BUY.

Here’s the general format of my descriptions:


1. Compelling problem-solving headline

2. Problem-solving copy that focuses on benefits

3. Bullets that point to specifics in the book

3. Use of bold lettering for those who skim and scan

4. Use of persuasive buying triggers

5. Urgent call-to-action

6. Keyword tags for easy reading


P.S. You no longer have to keep discounting yourself to the bottom. The longer and more robust your description is, the higher price point you can sell at. Wouldn't you rather sell for $7.99 rather than $1.99?


I only do descriptions for non-fiction business.

Please Note: You must include a finished copy of your manuscript in PDF format with your order. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you read the book before writing the book description?
    Yes. For every Amazon book description I write, I read the entire book or manuscript so I can grab eye-catching nuggets from your book to use in your book description. This vitally important because it teases the reader into buying your book.
  • Are you a trained direct response copywriter?
    Yes, I am. Being a trained direct response copywriter is extremely important in writing Amazon book descriptions because all of the elements that go into writing powerful direct response ads go into writing profit generating book descriptions. Accept no substitute.