I will beta read and critique your writing

beta read and critique your writing

About This Gig

Sometimes you need a fresh set of eyes and honest, compassionate feedback on your story to help you work through the trouble spots. Whether you're looking for one last review before you send your manuscript out into the world or you're halfway through your writing and you need some help figuring out where to go next, I'm here to help.

As a beta reader, I won't focus on grammar, spelling, or other traditional copyediting work. Instead I'll give inline comments and a 1-page reader's report on the big picture: what's working and not working in regards to plot, character development, world building, story structure, readability, flow, and overall comments on the text. For $5 I will read and critique up to 5,000 words (see extra gigs for higher word counts). 

I'm an assistant editor at a major publishing house with years of experience in content development. I will read anything and everything, but I specialize in all flavors of science fiction and fantasy, narrative nonfiction, and women's lit.

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In-text comments and a 1-page reader's report

  • Up to 5000 Words
  • Feedback
3 days delivery