I will post your Ad on my Facebook page of 550,000 and more

post your Ad on my Facebook page of 550,000 and more

About This Gig

Skai Juice here...and I have an amazing following on Facebook..all organic. Which means people have liked my page themselves...not paid likes which many pages have. My pages grows by the thousands daily and my post reach is 50 million average and post engagement is 4 million currently. Most of my followers are Women (65%) and are based in the US.  But I also have a large international following from India, South Africa, UK, and Australia too!

Your brand, product or site WILL be seen!!

One post is just $5.

But to get the word out better...you should choose a gig with more postings.  If you choose the other posts you are more than welcome to send me several pics and different texts to mix it up a bit.

BONUS:  ALL my Facebook postings also post to my twitter as well!

Order Details

2 days delivery

Facebook Promotions

Send me your text and picture and I will post your ad on my FB with large following

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