I will translate English, Danish and Swedish into Norwegian

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translate English, Danish and Swedish into Norwegian
translate English, Danish and Swedish into Norwegian

About This Gig

I can translate up to 300 words into Norwegian for 5$!

I can translate any text you want me to, and I will of course do it personally - I do NOT use any translation tools.

Text with complicated language, e.g. with a lot of technical/scientific words and phrases, I will charge 5$ for 200-300 words, based on the complexity of the text (it takes more time to translate).

I will charge extra if you want to guarantee that your text is delivered within 24 hours (except for texts containing less than 300 words). This extra charge is based on the length of the text. Texts with 300-900 words, 900-1800 words and 1800-2100 words are priced 5$, 10$ and 15$, respectively (as shown in packages).

Note that I always proofread the text before I deliver it to double-check that everything I have written is correct and nothing is mistyped.

I can also have a look at your website and look for mistakes in the Norwegian translation. If you only want me to check smaller things like your menus, buttons etc, I only charge 5 $. Larger texts (like product information etc.) can be sent to me in a document, together with the link to the website. I proofread up to 500 words for 5 $.

Translate my text into Norwegian

0-2100 words. Please contact me if you have more than 2100 words

  • Proofreading
2 days delivery
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