I will make android app for you with iphone app free

make android app for you with iphone app free
make android app for you with iphone app free

About This Gig

I will make an Android app for you in $5.


I will make a simple 3 page Android as well as iPhone application for you in $5 (It will be just a static app with no server connectivity as well as advanced computing, also basic styling).
I will provide you with a QR code to the link of the app where you can test it.

I have 4 years experience in programming and related technologies.
I can make Microsoft based server side technology to support the mobile application.

The app will be made on PhoneGap technology.

Types of apps that I make:
  1. GPS based.
  2. Camera photo click, save and upload to server.
  3. Audio and Video based apps.
  4. Ecommerce demonstration app
  5. Website to app conversion
  6. Make server side infrastructure to support client side mobile application.
  7. Apply advanced database queries and logic on the server.

  • Google Play store: I will publish the app to Google Play store for free if you provide the developer account credentials to me.
  • Server side will be made on Microsoft based technologies.
  • App Charges will be dependent upon the complexity of the app.
  • If you do not have design, then deliver times and charges will change drastically.

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