I will record TEN testimonial videos for 5USD

record TEN testimonial videos for 5USD
record TEN testimonial videos for 5USD

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Description AUTHENTIC GIG (x10 videos) PROFESSIONAL GIG (x10 videos) WEBSITE WALK THROUGH (x10 videos)
  See sales video (Setting 1&2). In casual clothing speaking direct to camera or in a lounge setting. See sales video (Setting 3). In business attire sitting next to a computer with your website on it. See sales video (Setting 4). A walk through testimonial of your website, zooming in where necessary.
Add Logo
Seller will insert your logo (or another graphic you provide) into the animation
Overlay Text
Seller will add additional text to the intro (e.g., a short tagline, your website URL, social media links etc.)
Custom Outfit
Actor will wear custom outfit (see gig/package descriptions for details and options)
The number of tweaks the seller includes.
unlimited unlimited unlimited
Delivery time
Number of words
This Package includes 50 words. For each additional 50 words, the price is $5.
This Package includes 50 words. For each additional 50 words, the price is $5.
This Package includes 50 words. For each additional 50 words, the price is $5.

About This Gig

I'll read out your 50 word testimonial script in a natural way (UK, London accent).


I'll provide 10 different recordings (each saying the same thing), so you can choose the one that best suits you.

Depending on the script, the 10 recordings will vary from calm & measured to really enthusiastic, animated, & excited.

No one is offering 10 VERSIONS for the price of one. I'll save you time by giving you so many different choices on the 1st delivery.


You've a choice of 4 different settings (see video above):

  1. Speaking direct to camera
  2. In a lounge setting
  3. Next to a monitor (showing your website)
  4. At the bottom of the screen (demonstrating a website or logging onto an account)

Or a combination of all 4 of the above and I'll edit the videos together (see gig extra).


  • No profanity, abuse, sexually related content, religion, political content, dating websites, Amazon purchases, or being critical of other companies

Longer Script?

Just add on another $5 gig for each additional 50 words you want read out:
  • Up to 50 words = 1 gig
  • 51 - 100 words = 2 gigs
  • 101 - 150 words = 3 gigs
  • etc

IMPORTANT: I'll read out the SAME SCRIPT 10 times and NOT 10 different scripts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You are offering 10 recordings. Can you read out 5 (or 10) different testimonial scripts?
    No. This offer is strictly 10 recordings of the SAME TESTIMONIAL SCRIPT. Each recording will be read slightly differently - using different levels of animation & excitement and using different voices (e.g. a professional business-like voice or using a more common voice).
  • You are offering unlimited revisions. What if I want to alter the script after seeing your recordings?
    I will not provide any revisions where you want to change the script. However, I will do another SINGLE RECORDING if there is something specific you want changed other than the script (e.g. the way I'm reading the script, or the way I'm sitting).
  • Can I add your name when I post the video on my website?
    No. I am not actually providing you with a testimonial in this gig, because I have not used your product or service. I am merely an actor reading a testimonial script. You should put a genuine customers name against any written / audio / video testimonials placed on your website.
  • Why are you offering 10 recordings of the same script?
    I don't like having to do re-work. It wastes your time & mine. It's easier to: * Provide 10 different versions on the 1st delivery * Get paid * Move onto my next order By providing 10 recordings it's unlikely that you'll want a revision. NB: I'LL BE REDUCING THIS DOWN TO 5 RECORDINGS SOON
  • My script is 55 words. That's only 5 words above the 50 wold limit. Can I pay just $5?
    It's only 5 words, but I'm reading that 10x, so it's an extra 50 words for me (the cost of a free gig). I must stick strictly to the following (assuming a basic gig requirement): * Up to 50 words = 1 gig = $5 * 51 to 100 words = 2 gigs = $10 * 101 to 150 words = 3 gigs = $15 * etc