I will perform Linux server administration tasks

perform Linux server administration tasks
perform Linux server administration tasks

About This Gig

Computers. How do they work? If you hire Skrylar to manage your server, you don't have to find out. Instead of muckracking around and wondering what R-TAPE LOAD ERROR is and why your server is beeping at you, or if infact that server is actually a watermelon in a cardboard box, Skrylar will perform administration tasks for 5$ in United States monies.

Have you decided that shared hosting sucks, and you want to start your blog on a shiny fast Virtual Private Server? Then hire Skrylar to install and configure a blog engine such as WordPress or Ghost. Maybe you are setting up a wiki, and need someone to install DokuWiki, MediaWiki, or any number of fun Hawaiian-named collaborative solutions. Perhaps you already have one of those things and want someone to handle the spooky scary tasks of going in the giant configuration window and dialing knobs until it has that awesome custom theme you bought and want on your site **right now**.

Plans start at any number of administration tasks, so long as they are all on the same machine. No more than one hour of human labor is included in the basic package, though!

Order Details

Small server special

One server, any number of tasks within one hour.

4 days delivery 2 Revisions
Gig Paused

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our server is behind a VPN
    That is fine. I will need temporary credentials to get in to the server in question, however.
  • What if we use Arch, or a "rolling" distro?
    Be warned that updates to rolling distributions are especially hazardous. Your server may be upgraded within the hour, or it could go down for one or two days while bugs are ironed out. I do not recommend rolling distros for servers, but will work on one if specifically asked.
  • What if we use Gentoo, or a "source" distro?
    Installing services on these types of servers takes considerably more time. Building from source, and running acceptance tests for the customer, take longer than simply installing pre-tested packages as you would on Debian or CentOS. I will still work on them if explicitly asked.
  • My server is on Windows
    I do not support Microsoft software. Any of it.
  • But I don't have a server
    You will need to find one you like, or ask me for recommendations. I will set up a server from scratch if asked, but I will not buy and sublease one to you. That would require long-term support and this gig doesn't cover that kind of thing.