I will substantively edit your novel

substantively edit your novel
substantively edit your novel

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No matter how well you copyedit your novel, if the basic ideas, chronology, storyline, and setting suffer, your book will not sell. A creative writer myself, I took university classes on creative writing, fiction editing, and general book editing during college, and I am well trained to spot a plot hole or a character acting outside of their personality. And the best part--I can help you fix it. I won't just spot the problems your novel has, I'll give you suggestions to fix it and make your story sing. In the meantime, I can help you restructure your story so that it makes sense and flows easily for your readers. I'll let you know when the dialogue or description slows the pace too much or when you need to add a little bit more so you don't leave your reader hanging. Let me take good care of your book.

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Sub. Edit Your Novel

I'll help you fix organization, flow, characters, setting, and plot.

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