I will be your Marketing and Consumer Engagement Advisor

be your Marketing and Consumer Engagement Advisor
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About This Gig

No, I do not consult for $5. 

Please read before buying!

For $5 I will understand your business, your audiences and give you you an overview of your marketing strategy. I will give you a 1 to 2 page document which will include;
  • Your Business Overview
  • Your Audience Overview
  • What should your Marketing Path be. (your message and media vehicles)
  • Identify your Opportunities & Threats
  • Recommendations 

The extra gigs include
1. Marketing Plan
Defining a full length Marketing Plan for your business after understanding your objectives

view the sample (concept) attachment

2. Consumer Engagement Plan
A plan comprising use of technology like VR, Augmented Reality, NFC, RFID, Projection Mapping, etc 

This plan would be a focused plan that would help your business achieve Consumer Engagement, Consumer Experience and Consumer Convenience. The plan would define what kind of technology should you use (and how) to create "Experiences" the plan would include contact details of vendors who can help you develop the technology.
The overall plan would be created by understanding your business and audience demographics

view the consumer engagement attachment

you can know more about  me on kshitijkulkarni.com   

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