I will draft killer SALES copy in 1 day

draft killer SALES copy in 1 day
draft killer SALES copy in 1 day

About This Gig

It’s commonly said that everything in business comes down to 3 seconds. 

A client can decide within 3 seconds if they want what you’re offering or not. Everything boils down to that first glance. Whether it’s a search engine tagline, email header, advertisement text or even a radio blurb, it decides what happens next. 

That’s a lot of pressure for a few simple words. 

It may sound strange, but the research all points to the very same thing. There’s quite literally no more important aspect to any description or promotion than those first 3 seconds. 

So I’d like to help you out if I may.

I’ll turn words into revenue. Tell me about your business, product or startup, and I’ll capture the heart and essence of what you are. Words guaranteed to stir curiosity. One gig ($5) entails 10 professionally drafted words. If you need more, please feel free to order accordingly. 

Best part? 

For my first 50 clients with this gig, I’ll happily do it all in 24 hours without exception. I'm looking to build this gig's portfolio. So place an order and let's begin working!

Please see my profile for the good reviews I have here on Fiverr via my other gigs. 

I look forward to working together.

Order Details


I will draft 10 professionally refined words of sales copy.

  • Up to 10 Words
1 day delivery