I will write 500 words of powerful SALES copy

write 500 words of powerful SALES copy

About This Gig

You're here for one of two reasons.

1. Your current marketing isn't generating sales and you're tired of spending your money marketing to people who don't buy.

2. You're working on a new project and are looking for a copywriter who you feel confident can deliver results not just words.

Either way you need the complete marketing triangle to produce outstanding results.

Great marketing nails three things perfectly (message, medium, market) Before we commit to crafting the message I have to know you've got the correct medium. If you're not 100% sure of this part please message me before you buy.

Stop struggling for average results and wondering why sales seems easier for everyone else. I've helped hundreds of business owners get over the marketing hurdle and can help you too.

What you get. 100 word starts at $25. (going up to $50 once this gig gets 10 buyers)

Who is this for? This not for people with cheap offers. Low price is fine. I'd just need to feel OK promoting to my family. The people who I persuade to buy your product need to be better off with your product.

ZERO RISK: You're not happy? We cancel the gig you get your money back!

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Notice: $5 gig is only for 25 words