I will make a killer SEO report for your website

make a killer SEO report for your website

About This Gig

Already spent 1000s of dollars on improving your website speed and SEOing it? Are the results still not visible? 

Now, its time to check if they are effective..! I will test your website using IBP and Woorank pro and provide you the steps to optimize your site.

How this gig can help you optimize your site:

You provide me your website link and web links to three of your competitors. I will help you optimize your site comparing them to your competitors, so that you will have a winning hand over them.

This gig entitles you to a detailed report in which I will give personalised to dos on what to do to optimize your website. 

Provide me a single keyword, and I will tell you what you have to do to rank your website for that keyword. Want to optimise for more keywords? Have a look at gig extras.

You can expect me to deliver upto 40 Pages of things you will need to do to help your website shine.

I can also give you the keywords your competitor websites use, check out gig extras

I will not be SEOing your site. I will just be providing you a report, and armed with that information, you can easily bring your website in the top of google rankings...

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