I will provide PHP and mysql based solution

provide PHP and mysql based solution
provide PHP and mysql based solution

About This Gig

Dear Buyer
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I will do any PHP related coding task per Gig. Task should be related to my skills set. Please discuss your task before buying my hourly.

I have 4 years of experience in PHP based web development. My Skills are as follow
1. PHP Programming
2. CodeIgniter & Yii based web application developement
3. Restful APIs development
4. Mysql Based Schema design(Very Good database Architecture)

If you are having any ongoing project & you want to start any task of that project then please discuss it with me
if project is based on Core PHP, CodeIgniter ,Yii Or ZendFramework2 then I can also fix bugs in your project.
I write restful web services using ZF2.
I can create a very good database schema for your web application.
I can also handle minor issues of CSS & HTML.

- Programming Skills: Php, JavaScript
- DBMS used: MySql
- Php Framework: Yii , Zend Framework 2, CodeIgniter
- JavaScript Librarys: jQuery, jQuery mobile
- Operating Systems: Ubuntu Linux
- Tools: PhpMyAdmin, Firebug, SVN
- Web Servers: Apache, Nginx
- Web Technologies: Ajax, JSON, CSS, HTML, RESTful Web Services, EC2 & S3 (AWS)
- Others: Payment Gateway