I will give You 30 Day Motivational Email Auto Responder

give You 30 Day Motivational Email Auto Responder

About This Gig

Your Subscribers
Want emails that are
And Entertaining...

Before we jump into the description I want to mention one
very important thing. 
Gmail Loves Value Based Emails!
We see a high open rate with trust based
emails vs promotional emails. The goal 
is to mix it up, that way more of your
emails will hit the main inbox and not be placed
in the promotional folder. 
You see, If most of your emails pre-sell something Google/Gmail will
start to categorize emails coming from you as
spam, or they'll make sure that you never reach the 
main inbox of your subscribers. Solution?
It's simple. Add more none promotional/trust building 
emails to the mix, 
Welcome! This gig was created to help you 
build the Like, Know And Trust factor with 
your subscribers. What you get is a month's 
worth of inspirational emails that are designed
to push your subscribers pass their obstacle's, position
you as a friend while helping them reach their goal's. 

Each email is about 200 to 300 words. Your lead's will love the quality 
and the fact that they can get your golden success
nuggets quickly. I suggest blending this in with your current 
I can't wait to work for your order! Thanks

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Done For You Autoresponder

Build Trust And Inspire Your Subscribers!

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